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Many people have experienced that quick “POP” relief of a spinal adjustment from other practitioners which for us, has been typically short lived.  Chiropractic is an ART as in Active Release Techniques.  The combination of stretching and occasional adjustment has provided great relief when movements is restricted.  Proactive Chiropractic can help you maintain pain free movement.  We appreciate the care Dr. Leif Sigurdson provides and would highly recommend him.


-David & Constance Rutley


I suffered greatly after being rear-ended in a car accident.  I had seen a physiotherapist and an orthopedic surgeon who were unable to offer any relief for my frozen shoulder.  Luckily, a friend referred me to Dr. Warkman.  After my first visit, Dr. Warkman was able to put me on my road to complete recovery.  Dr. Warkman continues to keep me in great condition to enjoy my active lifestyle.

-G. Dreyer

Being a professional athlete, I’ve visited multiple chiropractors.  None of them were able to properly diagnose my injuries and fix them until I started working with Dr. Warkman.  He was able to explain the reasons why I was dealing with these nagging plains and put a plan in place to fix them.  Now I’m able to golf pain free and compete at the highest level.  Thank you Dr. Warkman.

-Ryan Williams, Canadian PGA tour professional

I started seeing Dr. Warkman in 2005 with a shoulder injury that was threatening my career.  I’ve not had an issue with it since.  Dr. Warkman has helped me play professional golf, injury free since 2005.  My family are all patients and as very active athletes they have been kept in the game.  I have recommended Dr. Warkman to many of my students with great results,

-Phil Jonas, Head teaching professional Hazelmere Golf Course

Dr. Sigurdson was a guest speaker at a “learn to run” clinic I took a number of years ago.  While I’d seen chiropractors on occasion over the years, it had been sometime since I had a treatment.  As I was new to running (or any physical activity for that matter), I definitely knew I could benefit from a treatment.  I also knew this running thing was not going to last – I wasn’t an athlete of any sort, and certainly didn’t have what it took to be one.

That was all about to change, thanks to Dr. Sigurdson.  He was in my corner and wasn’t going to let me give up.  During our appointments, now only did he quickly and effectively address my alignment concerns along with my aches and pains, He inspired me to believe in myself.  In that year, I went from seeing if I could simply run around the block to accomplishing a half-marathon and mini triathlon!  Most recently, with that same level of care and compassion, he got me back on my feet following a broken foot and care accident.

My deepest thanks and gratitude – Dr. Sigurdson has significantly impacted my personal health and wellness.  I have and will continue to whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Sigurdson has significantly impacted my personal health and wellness.  I have and will continue to whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Sigurdson to friends and family.

-Phyllis MacPherson

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Sigurdson over 10 years now and he is the only trusted source of relief I have found for many injuries.   Dr. Sigurdson single-handedly got me through 4 gruelling seasons of hockey as our team doctor at SFU and I credit him as a major part of our team success there.  Post hockey, I now have a career as a firefighter and continue to see Dr. Sigurdson for any physical pain that I encounter on the job.  He has helped me through joint, muscle, and bone injuries over the years and has always found solutions for me when other treatment hasn’t worked.

-Warren Gardner

James is amazing!  He has a great sense for where the problematic spots are, and is great at working them out.

-Shilo Bralsi

From Kim and Mimi at the Front Desk to Dr. Warkman and Andrea Forde, RMT, I have been always shown the best courtesy, service and care at Proactive Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. The treatment I have received has always encompassed the bigger picture and plan and not just focused on the pain of that day. Helpful advice and encouragement followed every session with both chiropractor and RMT. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in the area.

-Brenda Vanderhorst

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