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To make your first appointment please call 604-533-8660


Our primary goal is to help you improve your health and well-being. A good understanding of you and your issues is necessary to achieve this.


At your initial visit your chiropractor will sit down and talk with you about you, your symptoms and your overall health.  A thorough examination to understand what is giving you pain and where the problem is coming from will follow that.  You and the chiropractor will then talk about risks, benefits, options and probable outcomes.  If warranted and with your consent we can usually begin treatment on that day.  The first visit usually takes an hour to complete.


A doctor’s referral is not required for chiropractic treatment however, some private health insurance companies do require a referral. Payment is due after each treatment session and you will be provided with a receipt to submit to your private insurer for reimbursement. Please enquire with your health insurer if you have any questions regarding reimbursement or limits.


What should I wear?


Loose, comfortable clothing is a good idea. Bring shorts if your issue involves your legs.

For female patients that are having a shoulder, upper back or neck issues please bring a tank top. We have shorts and tank tops if you forget. You will have time to change before getting started.


Is there parking?


Yes. There is free parking in the lot behind the clinic.


What should I bring?


  • Xray, CT, MRI or Ultrasound reports

  • Current list of medication

  • Your running shoes (if the issue is related to running)

  • Your ICBC or WCB claim number and your personal health number (CARE card)

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