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The Simplicity of Living Well

Happy 2017!

The new year brings fresh outlooks and new paths for us to travel. For many of us we become re-energized to get back on the path towards physical well-being (especially after the gluttony of the holiday season!)

This path, while not always an easy one to travel, does not need to be complicated or expensive. Basic physical well-being begins and ends with regular exercise, a good diet, stress management and sleep.

The options for exercise are endless. Start walking on your own, join a running group, join a gym, start a group fitness class, get back into tennis, go swimming, learn to swim etcetera etcetera etcetera.

The point is that there is something for everybody and to get started. Cost and complexity of the exercise program have very little to do with the benefits gained. For elite athletes sure an elaborate and intricate program is necessary, but let’s face it-the vast majority of us are not in this category.

My only recommendations are that the exercise is something that you enjoy, you feel safe and comfortable doing and feels good to your body to do. So get started with something-like tomorrow. Your body, brain, friends, family and your future you will be grateful.

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